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Vinyl Stickers

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Vinyl Stickers

Here at Belfast Print Online we offer full colour, vinyl sticker printing along with contour cut to any shape if required. These are supplied either on sheets or rolls and easy to peel. Vinyl stickers are UV proof, weather proof and more scratch proof than paper stickers as they are made from a thin vinyl plastic. For extra durability we offer an option of lamination, this will ensure they last years upon years if that is what you require. Otherwise their standard lifespan without lamination, depending on how much abuse they will receive, will be approx. 1-3 years. With lamination they can last for approx. 4-7 years.

Why use stickers or labels?

They’re a cheap, easy way to get your branding across. So let’s say you have a ton of notebooks that need branding. You are not going to go and buy a whole new ton, as that would be a waste of resources and money (although that said, if down the track you did need branded notebooks, you’d know where to come!). So instead, you just organise a print run of X sticker sheets and hey presto, your branding is effortless, effective and it has not cost a small fortune. In other words, you’ve saved yourself time, effort and money.

Why print stickers or labels on sheets?

If you’re affixing these manually and you don’t have a roller machine, you will likely opt for printing on sticker sheets. This means your labels come in X number (depending on their size) of units per sheet. Sheet size can differ depending on the size of the stickers. You simply peel them away and affix. If you do have a roller machine then perhaps you would prefer to look at our other sticker roll options as mentioned below.

Why print stickers or labels on rolls?

You probably already have a label machine and even if you did not, some people who affix these manually prefer to receive them in a roll format (as opposed to on sheets).

What can you print on this kind of promotional item?

Perhaps it is easier to ask what you can’t print on them? We can print anything from your logo, for example, right through to highly detailed photographs and graphic artwork. They are just such a fast, effortless, efficient way to brand. This is particularly true if you already have a promotional item that you need to brand up. Perfect for short to longer runs of upto 1000. Rather than getting that item re-printed with the custom branding (although you could do this, and you would know where to come if you did!), you can just opt for printing the labels and affixing them.

What finishes are available?

Choose between a range of options, for instance:

●  Gloss

●  Matt

●  Clear (available only in vinyl stickers)

●  Metallic Foil

What shapes are available?

We can provide a fantastic range of shapes – just tell us what you are after and we’re sure we can oblige. Circle, square and rectangle are common sizes that are readily available. We can however, contour cut your desired shape.

Is there a minimum order?

It varies depending on size and shape so just contact us with your specific request to find out more.

And don’t forget we deliver free to Northern Ireland and the UK. This is just one of the ways we keep costs as low as possible. So in conclusion if you want us to take care of printing your vinyl stickers, be sure to contact us for great deals and more information. We are here to help.