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Promotional Pens

Printed pens in full colour
with your branding!

Promotional Pens

For a terrific choice of great-quality, perfectly-printed novelty and custom promotional pens, come to Belfast Print Online. Fast, affordable and with a free delivery service, we offer exceptional deals. With a great range of offers that cater to every budget and need, shop and print here with complete confidence.

Different types of merchandise pens

We’re proud to provide a great selection of custom-printed pens. You’ll find budget promotional plastic pens that offer outstanding value for money to super-stylish deluxe engraved versions that demand attention. And we’ve got the easiest, most intuitive online printing process to make it all possible. You can print up to seven colours on one product – your options are almost limitless!

Branded promotional pens for memorable marketing

The pen is mightier than the sword – especially when it comes to marketing!

Indeed, the seemingly humble custom-printed pen is a cost-effective, practical, eye-catching promotional tool you can produce at scale. Consider how often you use a pen or borrow someone else’s – this is an excellent opportunity to expose your brand to a wide audience. It’s the kind of promotional merchandise that recipients will use repeatedly – consider it evergreen advertising!

Bulk promotional pens are especially practical if you’re managing an event or in charge of the logistics. Light, small, easy to transport and hand out – these tick all the boxes for clever promotional products.

Do you need to seed free samples at your event or trade show? It would be challenging to think of a more budget-friendly marketing tool that will get traction without breaking the bank.

Rely on Belfast Print Online for your printed pens

What is the minimum order quantity?

We offer promotional pens in small quantities of 50 units. This is a great budget-friendly volume for smaller events. In terms of maximum order, there is no cap.  Obviously, the larger your print order, the lower the cost per unit. 

Can I print my logo in full colour?

Absolutely! We have a seven-colour printing capability, meaning we can print your logo even if it’s all the colours of the rainbow.

What can I use logo-printed pens for?

The list is endless! 

  • You can use them at your trade event – place them on the entrance table for people to pick up when they collect their event lanyard
  • Add them to a gift bag or promotional bag for something extra special
  • Encourage team pride – gift these to your staff so they can use them daily at work
  • If you’ve got a sales team out visiting customers, these are a sensational leave-behind. The options are endless!

Do you sell cheap promotional pens?

Yes – we offer terrific budget promotional pens. We work hard to keep costs as low as possible while delivering quality. However, there is no point handing out merchandise if it’s just going to leak or break – it defeats the purpose of a good marketing plan. These may be incredibly well-priced, but they’re still top-quality. 

Do you sell premium pens?

If you’re after the best, you want to get your hands on our Deluxe Engraved Pen. This is a high-end, stylish pen that looks expensive and writes beautifully. If you aim to leave a memorable mark, this pen will deliver. 

What is your best selling pen?

Everything in the range is popular because this is such an effective marketing tool. However, probably our biggest seller is the Standard Pen. It achieves the perfect balance between quality and cost. It’s stylish, easy to hold, writes fabulously and has plenty of printing real estate, so you can literally make your mark.