Belfast Print Online offers trade price Pull Up Roller Banners. We print our banners on superior, high-quality 440gsm Blockout (Light Stop) material. Meaning it is anti-curl and blocks out the light from the back so your graphic does not appear to be semi-transparent like cheaper versions of roll up banners.

W 850 x H 2000mm is one of the industry standard sizes for roller banners. Each pull up roller banner includes a handy carry case and is simple to setup quickly by just one person in around 30 seconds. The cassette mechanism is made from sturdy metal and the roller graphic material is easily wipeable with a clean, slightly damp cloth. Suitable for multiple time use.

There can be many names in the industry for roller banners. From pull-up stand to pop-up banner to roller banner, roll up banner and even ‘penguin stands’. Therefore, whatever you like to call them, you will find these will be a necessity for all kinds of marketing events. Including conferences, trade shows, marketplace events and even just to have on display in your office or retail store. Our 850mm x 2000mm Pull Up Roller Banner is just one size of our selection of these roller banners. If you require more just contact us for a quote.


Known for being economical, high impact, space-saving graphics, ready to go to any event, at any time! They can be easily carried around and stored in their carry case due to their lightweight and compact design. Firstly, the graphic panel retracts into the metal cassette case. The pole gives the pull up stand its vertical support and is therefore easily split into 3 sections. This is also then stored inside the cassette, then the cassette slips into the carry case. Ready to be stored and on the go again to your next event!

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