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Flyer Printing in Belfast

Cheap Flyer Printing – Low Costs Every Time

If you’re in the market for cheap flyer printing,we’re sure to have the kind of deals that will get your attention.  We have many options for flyer printing eg. various sizes, finishes, paper weights. If you require folded flyers, have a look at our Folded Leaflets.

If you’re still in the process of figuring out the right kind of flyer for you, then these are good questions to ask as they will help you come to a decision.

We are based online, so in other words we keep our overheads low. As a result we pass onto you, our customer, any costs we save. So you’ve come to the right people for the job.

What flyer sizes and weights are available?

What size and weight do you need? Questions
you can ask yourself, for instance, might include:

How will the flyer be distributed?

Will it simply be placed in neat stacks on surfaces for people to take? Or will people be required to hand it out? If the latter, how can they carry a good enough amount whilst hand out at the same time?

Will the flyer affix to a wall or some kind of surface for presentation?

If so, are there size restrictions? What size will get the most attention?

Do you want the flyer to have a longer-life purpose? Does it need to be a size and/or weight that will deter people from throwing it out straight away?

For instance,
lightweight (130gsm or 150gsm) is an ideal option if you’re not worried about them being kept. If you go up to medium weight (170gms to 250gsm) you get something that feels more substantial. This is a great option if the intended purpose is for the recipient to hold onto it for the short term. And finally we recommend 300 to 400gsm as a more classy touch for a special event or purpose.