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STANDARD DELIVERY TIME – Approx. 5-6 working days. Quicker delivery is available for  an additional fee, please contact us.

SORTS – this is the number of types of business cards you require that are similar, where say maybe a couple of bits of information are different, for example, John, James, Jim would equal 3 sorts of business cards. Therefore please select 3 Sorts and upload 3 individual artwork files.

Belfast Print Online PVC Banners are made from a high quality, durable 440gm PVC and come complete with hems and eyelets at competitive trade printing prices.

PVC Banners are a fantastic, economic advertising tool that will last well if you look after them and are easy to erect even by yourself. They can be used as shop signage, temporary signage, dropbacks at conferences, events, partys etc. and don’t usually require any planning permission to erect, though its always wise to check first.


  1. Clean your banner clean by wiping it with a soft, damp, nonabrasive cloth like microfibre or cotton towels, but avoid sponges and other abrasive material. Please do not use harsh cleaners, as these may fade the colours and cause damage. If you want to use soap to clean the banner use a mild and odour free soap. Mix a solution of water and soap. Wipe off all the soap from your banner before letting it dry in. And do not use paper towels, these are abrasive and may damage your banner.
  2. Ensure your banner is dry before storing it. Store it in a container and in a dry, cool place that’s out of sunlight. Roll the banner instead of folding it as folding can damage it! Store it so that letters and logos aren’t touching each other; this makes sure colours don’t rub off on each other.

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