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Calendar Printing – Keep Track of the Year in Style

Calendar printing is so easy, fast and cost-effective here with us at Belfast Print Online. Calendars these days can be really personalised but still look super professional. They make for great gifts and obviously the best time of the year to do that is Chrismtas!

Hints and Tips for Calendars

Why create calendars?

There are so many reasons that make these such a great gift, for instance:

  • Year-long branding – if you’re gifting these to key stakeholders/ VIP customers etc then this is of course an opportunity for them to potentially think of your business every single day. Be smart about how you brand each month and you’re essentially promoting yourself day in, day out
  • Cost-effective – they are such a cheap yet thoughtful gift
  • Personal – they make a great present for family members, especially those who live far away or even abroad. Select family images for every month of the year and give them a beautiful reminder of their loved ones 365 days a year

What types of calendar are available?

There are essentially three types:

  • Wall
  • Desk-top
  • Wall Planner

How can I create a customised calendar?

The hardest thing about this job is finalising what images to use! Once you make a decision about the type you want, ask us for a template. Then just drop in that final selection of photos and hey, presto, it is well on its way to coming to life.

Calendar printing is fast and easy. Moreover, here at Belfast Print Online we are based online. As a result we keep our overheads down, so in other words we pass the savings onto you, our customer. And don’t forget – we deliver free to Northern Ireland and the UK! Contact us about your job and let us print something memorable for you.