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Plotted Vinyl Stickers

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Plotted Vinyl Stickers

Here at Belfast Print Online we offer self-adhesive plotted vinyl stickers, also known as decals. They are supplied on application masking for you to install yourself and are usually utilised as signage on vehicles, shop windows or walls etc.  These are solid colour vinyl, contour cut to your desired shape/lettering. Supplied on application masking that will require a squeegee to put it onto a smooth surface to prevent air bubbles.

Plotted / Cut Vinyl and Vinyl Printing Specialists

Looking for vinyl printing for your stickers, decals or logos? You’re in good hands as we specialise in both printed vinyl and cut or plotted vinyl – find out more about the difference below.

What is vinyl?

It is a really common signage material which is backed with adhesive, therefore giving it the same effect as a giant sticker. This enables it to affix directly to a smooth surface like a wall or window. We can print vinyl stickers in full colour designs, see here, or we can cut out (plot) solid coloured vinyl if you only require one colour in your design.

What is vinyl printing?

We create stickers by digitally printing a design onto a sheet of adhesive material. This is a great option for particularly complicated, involved design work. It is very easy to apply. If you have a long-term use for this (say a shop window) and you want to make it as resilient as possible to daylight and last for years to come eg. 4 – 7 years, then opt for a laminate otherwise it will eventually fade from exposure to the sun’s rays (UV). Standard length of time before UV damages your vinyl stickers without being laminated, is approximately 1 – 3 years depending on how harsh a condition they are exposed to.

What is plotted or cut vinyl?

We use a specialist computerised cutting machine, called a plotter, to cut decals. We load the image onto a computer that then directs the machine’s blade. The machine can only cut one sheet at a time. Once the work is cut, we then go through a process called weeding. This is when we manually remove all the negative space around the artwork. The outcome is really seamless and as a result, this finish often looks like paint when it is in-situ. It is that perfect. This option is fairly sun resistant however, it is usually a little more involved to affix than the standard printed version as you need to make sure no air bubbles appear when you are installing, you can use a squeegee to help with this.

What sizes are available?

We can print in all kinds of sizes and shapes, small to very large, so be sure to contact us and find out more. To give you an idea, however, we can even take care of a decal for major objects, such as vehicle graphics.

What type of finishes are available?

You have a variety to choose from, including:

?  Gloss – a very popular choice given the high gloss finish
?  Matt – not shiny, not glossy, but rather a satin-like effect
?  Clear – print onto transparent vinyl so only your artwork is visible
?  Metallic – luxurious finish in metallic gold, silver or copper

What are its uses?

As mentioned above, this makes for such a professional and eye-catching car, bus or van graphics. It really delivers the wow factor! It is also a great option for shop windows, doors, walls and most other smooth surfaces with good standard durability compared to paper stickers as vinyl is suitable for indoors and outdoors.

We hope this is helpful in your vinyl printing research. Did we mention we are an online company? As a result we keep our overheads down and therefore we pass our cost savings onto you, our customer. We also deliver free to Northern Ireland and the UK, so be sure to contact us.