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Uncoated Business Cards

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350gsm Uncoated Business Cards – Fully Bespoke

Here at Belfast Print Online we manage the printing of uncoated business cards day-in, day-out, and specialise in this item.

Be sure to contact us to find out the great deals we provide around all of Northern Ireland and the UK (and we deliver for free!). We promise professional, fast results at fantastic prices.

What are uncoated business cards?
There are more or less two options available when it comes to the finish – smooth cards or a slightly more tactile texture. The latter we refer to as uncoated which has a slightly rougher texture. Typically they absorb more ink than their counterpart. As a result they exhibit a drier, softer and more muted look and feel. Our standard uncoated business cards have a weight of 350gsm.

What are the advantages of this kind of finish?
There are some great advantages to this type of card. For instance, they are:

– Not as common as coated cards these days, so in other words they stand out. It’s always ideal for this to make an impact and be memorable.
– Timeless but modern with a more natural feel, they have an understated class.
– Easy to write on. Even in this day and age people may want to scribble something on it.

Are there any disadvantages?
We don’t see it as a disadvantage, as this might work for many design options. However it is fair to say that images on this finish of paper do appear less crisp and a little softer than they would on a coated finish.

What is the standard size of business cards?
85mm x 55mm

What information do I need to include on this kind of stationery?
This does come down to the company and the individual however, as a general rule of thumb the information might include, for instance:

– Company name
– Logo
– Employee name and role
– Contact details – be it email, phone, physical address, website or a combination thereof
– A tagline might also be a consideration

What is the minimum print run?
Qty x 250

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