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Appointment Cards

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350gsm Appointment Cards – Stay on Schedule

Here at Belfast Print Online we take care printing appointment cards that look professional and high quality. We are based online and as a result we keep overheads low. In other words, we pass on cost savings to you, our customer. Give us a call, send us an email, and let us find out more about your print job so we can provide the best possible deal. And don’t forget – we deliver free to Northern Ireland and the UK.

What are Appointment Cards?

These are cards that businesses hand over to their customers. They capture details of a future engagement.

Why is this kind of stationery useful?

There are some very important reasons why they come in so handy, for instance they are:

– Professional – rather than write on a piece of paper, these are a far more polished approach
– Encouraging efficiency – you want your client/customer to be on time for that next contact, so that they don’t impact the scheduling of other meetings
– Ensuring repeat business – they make it difficult to forget a meeting, which can be crucial for small business that needs to anticipate when paying customers will be coming through the door so as to better handle cash flow
– A great marketing tool – all your business details, potentially a list of your services, and other key information captured on a card that that might then sit on an office desk or at home for others to see. Consider them great referrals!

Who uses appointment cards?

They’re essential tools for largely service based industries, for instance:

– Medical practices
– Beauty therapy outlets
– Hair salons

What information goes on this kind of stationery?

You will likely print the key details, for instance:

– Business name
– Address
– Contact number / email / website
– Logo

Then you will probably include a template capturing information that would prompt someone (the receptionist, for instance), to fill in the bespoke details. For instance:

– Date of next booking
– Time of next booking
– Name of business representative they will meet at the next booking

You might also wish to print the purpose of the card (for example, ‘Your Next Meeting is…’) so it’s perfectly clear what this is. You might also wish to include a call to action, such as ‘Please call 24h to confirm’)

Ideal size of an appointment card

You can really have anything you want, but we would recommend a standard business card size which is 85 x 55mm. In other words – something that will slip easily into a wallet, purse, or pocket and therefore not be lost.

Is there a minimum print run order?

Qty x 250

What are the finish options?

We recommend an uncoated finish as it makes it easy to write on. They are 350gsm in weight.

Contact us to talk about your appointment card needs and the various costs. We would be delighted to manage all your printing needs and provide the best possible deal.