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Standard Business Cards

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– STANDARD TURNAROUND: 4 – 5 working days
– 400GSM Silk Finish



Standard Business Card Printing

If you have a business card printing job and you require experts in this area, contact us. We are based online to keep overheads low, because we want to pass on the cost savings to you. Moreover, we strive to deliver fast, incredibly professional results, which is what you will want for this kind of job. And don’t forget – we deliver free to Northern Ireland and the UK!

What information do I need to include on a business card?

Although this is a preference that ultimately depends on the business as well as the role of the individual, there are nonetheless some typical features shared by most business cards. They include:

– Name of the business
– Logo
– Employee name and role
– Contact details – be it email, phone, physical address, website or a combination thereof
– Some will also use a tagline

What is the standard size of a business card?

The standard size is 85mm x 55mm.

Although some companies want to do things differently, in one key way it makes sense to comply with the standard size. This is because standard fits very snuggly into all wallets and purses, or even slots easily into someone’s lapel pocket. Remember, this item is useful because it contains all the relevant contact information. However, if one is not able to store it easily, then it defeats the purpose!

Should this kind of stationery feature something on either side?

There is no right or wrong answer to this. Consequently, you can do whatever you wish! Printing on both sides compared to a single side only will have a slight increase in cost, but typically it isn’t much more.

What card stock do we use for Standard Business Cards?

We use a 400gsm Silk card as our standard stock. This is a heavyweight stock that is going to last the distance as well as make a good first impression.

How much does it cost to print business cards?

There are a few factors that influence the answer to this question, for instance:

– Quantity or Unit number – the larget the quantity / number of units, usually the better deal relatively speaking
– GSM – this refers to the weight of the paper/stock, and we’ve already seen above that the quality of stock will have an impact
– Finish – silk, uncoated, glossy, matt, speciality

The best thing to do would be to contact us about your business card printing needs and let us ask the right questions so that you get a solution perfect for you and your business.