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A5 Letterheads 120 Laser

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Belfast Print Online offer one of the most important items in your stationery pack, now in a more unique size – professionally printed A5 Letterheads. Offered in small to large quantities.

SORTS – this is the number of types of item you require that are similar, where say maybe a couple of bits of information are different. For example – John, James, Jim would equal 3 sorts of business cards. Therefore please select 3 Sorts and upload 3 individual artwork files.

Making it easy for recipients to locate your branded letters, and helping your letters get noticed. This unique size can make all the difference if you’re trying to get a proposal noticed or waiting for invoices to be paid. The A5 size is also a perfect alternative to using larger A4 letterheads if it’s a more personal note or you want it to stand out from the crowd of the other standard size A4 letterheads.

Specifically the 120gsm Laser letterheads are the industry standard weight for everyday use in your business through laser printers.

And sometimes there may be a legal reason for opting to use A5 letterhead paper with your branding professionally printed on it, such as official documentation, employment contracts or tax documents.