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A2 Posters 130 Silk

£131.00£1,427.00 exc. VAT

– Price is per each design
– Standard Lead Time: 3 – 4 working days



Belfast Print Online offers A2 Posters which are perfect for election and campaign promotion. They are a classic form of promotional tool to publicise your event, business and mass message, twice the size of A3 which is even more eyecatching.

SORTS – this is the number of types of item you require that are similar, where say maybe a couple of bits of information are different. For example – John, James, Jim would equal 3 sorts of business cards. Therefore please select 3 Sorts and upload 3 individual artwork files.

Our trade priced printed A2 Posters are a great option when you want to get your message across bigger and better than A3 size in alot of different locations. Shop windows, pillars, walls, notice boards etc.

A2 Posters are a very economical way to make a big impression using a low budget. Belfast Print Online offer a variety of sizes and finishes, be it for internal or external use.