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Tent Cards

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Promote your message or offers with Tent Cards

Table talkers, also known as table cards, are a sensational countertop point of display promotional tool. They are also a way to brand at events, or just share really important messages if it’s something like a memorable occasion, such as a wedding or anniversary. Belfast Print Online specialises in all kinds of table talkers so be sure to, err, talk to us! And remember we deliver free to Northern Ireland and the UK.

What are table talkers?
The name is a little misleading, as these don’t just have to stand on tables. They can stand, for example, in 3D on countertops at point of sale. They come in a triangular prism shape, with each panel the same size. They are also available in a rectangular prism shape, which instead features four panels all exactly the same size. ​No single panel is the ‘base’ but instead this item can stand on any one of its panels or even vertically on an outer face. ​This feature is important as it distinguishes them from tent cards. They are terrific branding and messaging tools.

In terms of purpose, they serve to generate an impulse buy, or as an alternative to a flat menu. For example, they might sit on cafe tables promoting a special deal or product that is available. Maybe the cafe is offering a Happy Hour promotion, or they want to encourage the sale of a particular product. They will use these to literally get people talking and ideally buying. Similarly, they can be really helpful at major events like weddings or conferences. They can assist in styling the event, sharing a special message, or again promoting a specific call-to-action.

What shapes are available for this kind of advertising?
We provide a triangular shape.

What sizes do we offer?
We offer Triangle or Square shapes in the following sizes:

– TRIANGLE – W 91 x H 210mm
– SQUARE – W 68 x H 210mm

However we can offer smaller or larger sizes on request, please contact us.

What printing options are available?
We offer full colour printing on one side only on this item.

What materials do we use for table talkers?
Because it is free-standing, this product needs to be of a high GSM (weight). We use ​300gsm silk card as standard with a mechanical fold to ensure precise, professional results.

What is the minimum print run?
Qty x 50

We hope this helps in your research and planning. Did we mention we’re based online? As a result we keep our overheads down so in other words, we pass our cost savings onto you. As such be sure to contact us so we can offer the very best deal.