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COVID-19 School Desk Dividers

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For Hygienic Workspace Screens – COVID-19 School Desk Dividers

As your school prepares for a return to the new normal, safety equipment such as COVID-19 school desk dividers will not only help safeguard students and teachers, but also potentially ease some of the anxiety they might be feeling. Belfast Print Online has for the past several months helped businesses plan and prepare for reopening. As a result, we have acquired a terrific knowledge and expertise that we know will help your school make this transition smooth, safe and as comfortable as possible.

What are COVID-19 school desk dividers?
They are lightweight desk dividers that either form a U-shape (which encloses a single person from front and sides), or an X shape (which services to enclose four users from each other – one in each segment the X creates). 

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Is the design bespoke?
Obviously in terms of shape, you have the choice between a U or X, as mentioned above. However, when it comes to graphics there is essentially a clean slate. You can be as bespoke as you want, including school branding, safety messages, social distancing measurements etc.

Graphic design service
If you’re not quite sure what you want and need, or if you don’t have the resource to realise your brief, then contact us. We offer a design service should you wish to customise your artwork to your requirements.

What material do we use?
We use 6mm thick Correx board, which ensures a sturdy but ultimately lightweight installation. Correx is a sturdy, corrugated plastic board.

Are they easy to install?
They are very easy indeed, and require only the most basic installation. As a result, professional assistance will not be required.

Are they cleanable?
You can clean these items with a gentle motion with a soft cotton cloth and alcoholic cleaner.

Did we mention we deliver free to Northern Ireland and the UK? Moreover, we are based online, so as a result we keep overheads low. This helps us pass on even more cost savings to you. So be sure to contact us about great deals.

Low cost
We work to ensure our prices are as competitive as possible. How do we do this? Because we are an online business, we keep overheads to a minimum. As a result, we are able to pass on our cost savings to you, our customer.

Free delivery
We can deliver all items free to schools in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom at large. This alone has the potential to save significant costs given the volume of some school orders.

Exceptional customer service and fast results
We have vast experience in providing urgent coronavirus safety equipment to the business community. We can take this knowledge and easily apply it to the education system. Furthermore, we understand the need for a seamless, quick and easy process from start to finish. We appreciate this might be an anxious time for your school community, and we will do everything to minimise this. In other words, we will look after your school at every step of the way.

How to order your COVID-19 school desk dividers
Either contact us to talk about your school’s needs, or start the process immediately by ordering online and following instructions. However, you can also call us at any stage in the process.

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