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Clear Sneeze Guards

£ 35.00£ 175.00 exc. VAT

– SIZE: Width 770 x Height 620mm
– STANDARD DELIVERY TIME – Approx. 2-3 working days



Coronavirus Covid 19 – Clear Sneeze Guards for hygiene

– Height 620mm x Width 770mm

– These sneeze guards sit on-top of retail counters and serve to protect staff and customers from transmitting germs to each other during the check-out process

– The stand is made up of 5mm Acrylic rigid plastic with legs so that they do not need to be screwed into a surface, they are freestanding

– A nifty cut-out at the bottom allows for easy payment

– They also serve as a clear visual reminder of the need for social distancing and demonstrate that your business is doing everything it can to safeguard its people and customers