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All Your Cheap Booklet Printing Needs Here 

Are you searching for cheap booklet printing solutions? Then you have come to the right place.  Belfast Print Online services all of Belfast and Northern Ireland, and we’re sure to be able to help you with any and all of your printing needs. We are an online business, which means we not only keep overheads down (and therefore costs as low as possible), but we can respond to job requests – no matter how big or small – quickly and efficiently. Moreover, our results are always of an exceptionally high standard, so be sure to contact us about your printing needs. 

What is a booklet?  It’s essentially something that is smaller/ thinner than a standard book. So think along the lines of catalogues, comic books, small recipe books etc. 

What booklets do we print?  In short if you have a booklet, we will be able to print it! Our services include:

  • Saddle stitched solutions (sometimes referred to as stapled) 
  • Perfect bound 
  • Wire bound 
  • Mass / church 
  • Order of services 

How much does it cost to print a booklet? 

This is a fairly easy question to answer, but it needs more information. If you contact us with your job we will be able to provide a cost estimate very quickly. 

What type of binding is best for your booklet?  Although it could be aesthetic or budget preferences, the type of printing best for you will to a degree depend on the number of pages. So saddle stitching would be a good option for fewer pages, whereas a more lengthy project (say 100+ pages) will lend itself better to a perfect bound finish. You might want something that sits very flat, which would indicate a wire bound option is best for you. Again, feel free to just contact us for a chat before you make your decision. 

Is landscape or portrait best? Again this depends on the nature of the booklet and its contents. Say for example you are producing a Look Book that requires a lot of big glossy imagery. In this instance a landscape layout might be best. Something that is more copy-heavy and less reliant on visual bells and whistles would be fine in portrait presentation. 

What paper is best?  If you’re looking for a truly high-end finish that oozes class and quality, then you might opt for a heavier gsm, or thickness. If that’s the case though, you will then probably need to select a perfect bound finish because too many thick pages will just burst in a saddle stitched bind. In most cases if you are printing a visual booklet, then you will want a glossier paper finish as this will really help make the images pop. For something that is more text-heavy you’re fine going for a silk or uncoated finish. 

Page count  It is a common mistake to forget all about the cover page and back outside page. These are fairly essential though so be sure to include them in your count! Your choice of bind will dictate the number of page multiples. So for instance, saddle stitched works in multiples of four whereas perfect bound works in multiples of two. So a 58-page booklet would be OK for a perfect bound solution, but it wouldn’t work for saddle stitched.  We are sure we can provide cheap booklet printing for your needs. Click into any of the sub categories below to find out more. We work to be as cost-effective as possible, but also to deliver fast and with highly professional results, so do contact us.