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COVID-19 School Health & Safety

For Nurseries, Schools & Universities

COVID-19 School Health & Safety

Helping to protect students and teachers in schools and universities

COVID-19 school health & safety essentials will be a crucial part in safeguarding students and teachers as the curriculum returns and your community adopts a ‘new normal’. We understand everyone in the education system is under enormous strain and pressure in preparing for the start of this most unprecedented school year. So, let us project manage all your printing needs so you can focus on other priorities.

Types of COVID-19 school health & safety essentials

What social distancing products for education do we offer?

If your school has specific printing needs, then let’s talk and find out how we can assist. Our team is highly skilled in creating bespoke printing solutions. In terms of the most popular and necessary COVID-19 school health & safety essentials, we provide the following:

  • Child-friendly floor stickers
  • School desk dividers
  • Classroom protective screens
  • Classroom safety guards

In addition, we also offer a huge range of other protective products, for instance:

  • Pull up roller banners
  • Sneeze guards
  • Pavement signs
  • Posters and signage
  • PVC banners
  • Hand sanitising stations
  • Face masks (in adults and children’s sizes)

These play an important role in helping contain the spread of any infection by way of sneezing, coughing and breathing.


For items that need assembling, we make sure the process is as simple and fast as possible.

Graphic design service

We offer a design service should you wish to customise your artwork to your requirements.

Fully customised printing service

This is a fully customised service. We can work with your school logo, brand style guide, and any mandatory inclusions outlined by the education system. We will incorporate all necessary hygiene, social distancing & health and safety messages. We work quickly and on-brief, so that your approval process can be as smooth as possible.

Competitive, budget prices

We work to ensure the lowest possible prices. How do we do this? Because we are an online business, we keep overheads to a minimum. As a result, we are able to pass on our cost savings to you, our customer.

Free delivery

We can deliver all items free to schools in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom at large. This alone has the potential to save significant costs given the volume of some school orders.

Exceptional customer service and fast results

We have significant, proven experience in designing and developing urgent coronavirus protective equipment. Furthermore, we understand the need for a seamless, quick and easy process from start to finish. We know every step in this journey; we have already guided countless businesses down this path. Our team appreciates this might be an anxious time for you, and we will do everything to minimise this. In other words, we will look after your school at every step of the way. 

How to order your COVID-19 school health & safety essentials

Either contact us to talk about your school’s needs, or start the process immediately by ordering online and following instructions. However, you can also call us at any stage in the process. 

Physical safety and peace of mind

COVID-19 school health & safety essentials not only provide the necessary physical barriers, protectors and signage required to make your school as safe as possible, they also offer peace of mind. This return to school may be an anxious time for some. As a result, seeing physical, purpose-built protective infrastructure and friendly, clear signage should play a big part in helping ease some of that anxiety.

Helping to protect your school against coronavirus

Belfast Print Online is responding to the coronavirus crisis by helping countless businesses in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom with their printing needs. For instance, we provide all number of printing solutions that help to manage, guide and protect the public. As a result, this wealth of experience and knowledge gives us an excellent base from which to help your school.

We wish your school a safe return

In conclusion and on behalf of the whole team at Belfast Print Online, above all we wish your students, pupils and wider school community a safe return to the curriculum.

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