top-line provides A5 Booklets for when you don’t have the space but have a lot to say! A beneficial and economical item to use in your marketing toolbox.

A smaller versions of the A4 booklet, these will bring you all the benefits of a quality printed booklet but in a more compact size to suit your content and design requirements. A5 Booklets are perfect for promos of annual events, monthly / annual catalogues, product brochures, how to booklets, corporate promotional brochures and many more ideas.

The perfect marketing item that will bring you the benefits of publishing without the big price! Our trade price A5 Booklets will suit the most economical budgets! We offer self cover or heavy cover designs in gloss laminated or matt laminated finishes. Materials range from 130sgm to 170gsm in gloss and silk, in 8pp upto 64pp (number of pages).

– SELF COVER – the cover is the same weight of paper used throughout the inside of the booklet
– HEAVY COVER – the cover is heavier in weight than the inside pages of the booklet