top-line provides crisp quality, professional A4 Booklets at trade printing prices. Booklets give you more space to fit in larger designs accompanied with more information about your product / service. We provide these at a great trade price point for your bottom line as they are less expensive than the next level up perfect bound brochures, making them an economical marketing tool to get your business noticed and out there ASAP! Booklets are particularly useful if your content changes regularly and requires updating, as they are cheap to produce.

There is plenty of options in our A4 Booklets range – choose from a Self Cover or Heavy Cover design, with the option of Gloss Laminated or Matt Laminated finishes. With material ranging from 130gsm to 170gsm in both gloss and silk papers and you can choose from a variety of pages required for your size of booklet from 8pp to 64pp.

– SELF COVER – the cover is the same weight of paper used throughout the inside of the booklet
– HEAVY COVER – the cover is heavier in weight than the inside pages of the booklet